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Interview: Tensions Arise

Interview: Tensions Arise

By J. Dracman

Hailing from Sydney, the thunderous roar of something new is fast surfacing in the form of local lads done well, TENSIONS ARISE. Since 2008, the band has grown from the garage to the stage, to recording 2 EPs, and hitting the USA.

These guys have certainly covered some ground already and have worked hard to create energy they can call their own, and their audience helps, as vocalist Kazzy Kage explains. “It’s all about the energy that can be created in a room, in a moment, in a second in time. Nothing can compare to it. I still lose my mind when I see people singing our lyrics back at me. If we can make one person happy and want to remember who we are and what we do, and then it’s all worth it!”

The band is also excited about the upcoming release of their latest single, ‘A Faker’s Smile’, which is a heavy as hell rock out with groove. “Pretty much it is a little different to what we have done in the past, but it is a progression. We wanted to have something to show everyone the direction of the new line up and also a taste of what’s to come in the future, as this track is the start of a new concept album we are looking at as well as a film clip to be released sometime this year.

“I can also tell you it will be a concept album continuation from ‘Stand In Defiance’. So Hansel & Gretel are back and so is the Maniac. It will be bit more of an in depth story to those characters. We will be looking at another single or two from that down the line with film clips to continue and visualise our story,” Kage describes with a calculated thought and excitement.

The band also got to experience something few independent Australian artists get to experience when they took the plunge for what they believed in and headed to the USA to record their debut album ‘Stand in Defiance’ with renowned producer and legendary former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY axeman, Logan Mader.

“ The experience was surreal man, I still look back on it and shake my head “did we do that?” he laughs. “Logan was such a welcoming guy, he’s a bit shy and quiet, but we had a great time. I mean shit; he has to be a great guy to let a bunch of random Aussies into his house and place of business. I gotta admit, walking in everyday seeing FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH gold records was bit mind blowing, not to mention his MACHINE HEAD ones!
“He definitely knows his job man, he did all he could to get the absolute best out of us and take our nerves away; everything from discussing ‘vajayjay’ to telling us where the greatest chicken on earth is, POPEYES! Such a rad guy, I hope to work with him again someday,” Kage describes the unique experience.

And TENSIONS ARISE got to play shows? Even better! Kage responds. “We played a one off show towards the end of our time in USA. We went all the way to NYC and played at Sullivan Hall.” On the experience and the idea behind taking such a bold venture overseas, Kage offers. “We wanted to get an experience of a life time. We wanted to see if we could do something not many of the local bands have done. We wanted to do something that hopefully helped the scene go ‘whoa, if they did this… we can do this’. We want the scene to grow, it if doesn’t there won’t be a scene!”

And the scene will obviously grow exponentially for the band come October, when they get the opportunity to open for Sweden’s SOILWORK, to which Kage adds, “Definitely our biggest event to date.” The Sydney Metal enthusiasts have also shared the stage with US heavyweights HED(PE) and Jeffrey Nothing (MUSHROOMHEAD) to which Kage adds some advice received from Nothing’s bassist Mike. “It was mind blowing to look to the side of the stage and see those guys rocking out to us, flattering for sure. I will never forget the pep talk we got from Mike after we played ‘never stop… never give up…. keep pushing no matter what’. I guess that has stuck with me. Look at the progression since then? Thanks Mike!”

The year 2013 will see the single launch with a killer show on July 27th at Venom (Sydney) with OUR LAST ENEMY, DARKC3LL, PERPETUAL END and ILCONTENT, plus gearing up to record a second album, to which Kage wraps up and adds. “ Releasing our new single with some of our favourite bands, I am really happy that all the bands I wanted for this show were available and keen to play with us. We have had some connection with all the bands over the past 5 years, so it is really good to have them all on one amazing night. All the bands are top-level talent in my eyes and put on a hell of a show. Definitely something not to miss at all!” Kazzy Kage.

A true gentleman, and proud flag bearer of Australian music. See TENSIONS ARISE decimate a stage near you!

Tour dates

Friday 26 July – The Basement, Belconnen (ACT)
with Critical Monkee, Perpetual End (album Launch)

Saturday 27 July – Venom, Sydney (Single Launch) (NSW)
with Darkc3ll, Our Last Enemy, Perpetual End and Ilcontent

Friday 2 August – The Civic Hotel, Inglewood (WA)

Friday 9 August – Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong (NSW)
with Metreya, Bleeding Gasoline & Chainsaw Mascara

Thursday 22 August – The Espy, Melbourne (VIC)

Saturday 24 August – The Enigma Bar, Adelaide (SA)

Friday 30 August – Crowbar, Brisbane (QLD)
with ROME (album launch)

Saturday 31 August – Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast (QLD)
with ROME (album launch)

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